Ph.D. Program


Degree Requirements

The Study of Religion Ph.D. program is designed as a 6-year program that includes the following components.

  • Coursework
    • Core Courses (16 Units)
      • REL 200A. Historical Roots of the Study of Religion (4 units)
      • REL 200B. Foundational Theories of Religion (4 units)
      • REL 200C. Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Religion (4 units)
      • REL 200D.Field Profile Seminar I and II (2 units each)
    • Elective Courses (44 Units) - Doctoral students select both a Regional Area of Specialization and a Thematic Area of Specialization. They also select a secondary Regional Area of Specialization for their Area of Competence.
      • REGIONAL Areas of Specialization (3 courses in Primary area and 2 courses in Secondary area):
        • American Religious Cultures
        • Mediterranean Religions
        • Asian Religions
      • THEMATIC Areas of Specialization (3 courses in chosen area):
        • Values, Ethics and Human Rights
        • Modernity, Science and Secularism
        • Visual Culture, Media and Technology
        • Language, Rhetoric and Performance
        • Body and Praxis
        • Theory and Method
  • Optional Designated Emphasis: Students may choose an additional specilization with one of the affiliated Designated Emphases (graduate minors). 
  • Language Requirement: Competence in the languages of primary research (as determined by the Major Professor, in consultation with the Graduate Committee) must be demonstrated prior to advancement to candidacy.
  • Preliminary Exam
  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Dissertation and Final Oral Exam (Defense)

Please see the approved study_of_religion_degree_requirements_05.14.19.pdf for full details.