Benjamin Steele-Fisher


Position Title
Graduate Student in the Study of Religion
Teaching Assistant in Religious Studies
Student Representative on GREL Program Committee

907 Sproul

Adviser(s): David Biale

Education and Degree(s):

  • M.A., Religious Studies, University of Denver
  • B.A., Theology, Colorado Christian University

Research Interest(s):

  • Modern Jewish thought
  • Jewish-Christian relations
  • Secularization
  • European intellectual history
  • Critical theory

Teaching Experience:

  • RST 12: Abrahamic Religions
  • RST 60: Introduction to Islam
  • RST 1G: Myth, Ritual, Symbol
  • RST 1B: Death and Afterlife
  • RST 45: Christianity
  • RST 40: New Testament
  • HIS 142A: History of the Holocaust
  • HIS 144B: Germany Since 1789


Benjamin Steele-Fisher is a doctoral student in the study of religion with a designated emphasis in critical theory at the University of California, Davis. His main research areas broadly are modern Jewish thought, Jewish-Christian relations, and secularization. In particular, his current work focuses on "myth" in late-nineteenth and early twentieth-century German-Jewish thought contextualized within movements such as German Romanticism, mythography, philology, theology and biblical criticism, esotericism, and comparative religion. He holds a MA in religious studies with a concentration in philosophy of religion from the University of Denver and a BA in theology from Colorado Christian University. Prior to UC Davis he worked as a research and teaching assistant in philosophy at the University of Denver. In the past he has also published book reviews in various publications and presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion.