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John Kerry would major in Comparative Religion if he went back to college...

In announcing the Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives (part of the State Department) at the White House, Secretary of State John Kerry expressed the following: “In fact, if I went back to college to day, I think I would probably major in comparative religion because that’s how integrated [religion] is in everything that are working on and deciding and thinking about in life today.” For the full video, see (Kerry's quote can be heard at about the 10 minute mark.)

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Graduate Student Symposium Wednesday, June 5

Please join us on Wednesday, June 5, 1-4 pm in Sproul 912, for a symposium celebrating the work of our newest PhD students in the Graduate Group in the Study of Religion (Brian Campbell, Lauren Eastland, Josh Shahryar, and Ben Steele-Fisher) and the Designated Emphasis in Religion (Manas Rajagopalan). Read More

"Ritual Re-Creations: Renaissance Mass Music in Liturgical Context," Prof. M. Jennifer Bloxam, Wed. Feb 15, 3-5pm, 266 Everson

A workshop exploring the intersection of Renaissance sacred music and early modern liturgy. We will address such

questions as: How does our modern experience of Renaissance sacred music differ from its original context? How can

liturgy inform our understanding and appreciation of music originally intended for ritual performance? What purpose

does ritual re-creation ultimately serve, and is it worth the risks?

M. Jennifer Bloxam is Herbert H. Lehman Professor of Music at Williams College, where she has taught since Read More

PhD Candidate Cai Thorman Wins Major Archaeology Award

Study of Religion Graduate Student Cai Thorman returns triumphant from the January 2019 American Institute of Archaeology/Society for Classical Studies conference in San Diego, where her paper won the highly competitive graduate student paper award. What makes this so impressive is that the winning paper is selected not just on the basis of technical scholarship but also delivery and Q&A--a higher bar than just writing--and this is Cai's first conference presentation. Read More

Religious Studies Stands against anti-Islamic Hate Acts in Our Area

In the past few weeks, acts of intimidation, exclusion, and hate have touched our community. The Davis Islamic Center was vandalized--windows broken, tires slashed, and bacon left on door handles. Soon after, the Tarbiya Center in Roseville was defaced with anti-Islamic graffiti. This weekend, a package of pork tenderloins was left at the doorstep of the Davis home of Muslims. Such acts are expressions of deep-seated fears and misunderstandings that have long simmered silently and just beneath the surface.

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Prof. Naomi Janowitz wins teaching awards!

Congratulations to Prof. Naomi Janowitz, winner of the "American Psychoanalytic Association’s Edith Sabshin Teaching Award" and a "2015 University Honors Program Teaching Award"! For the full story, visit . Read More

Talk this Friday!

Women as Patients and Practitioners in Early Sanskrit Medical Literature
Prof. Martha Ann Selby,
Ralph B. Thomas Regents Professor of Asian Studies,
University of Texas, Austin

5:00-6:30 PM
912 Sproul
UC Davis

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Prof. Archana Venkatesan has been named a Chancellor's Fellow

By Dateline staff
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UC Davis has announced its 15th class of Chancellor’s Fellows — 10 faculty members at the associate professor level who have caught the attention of their colleagues, department chairs and deans, and Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi. Read More

Professor Suad Joseph wins Teaching Award

Congratulations to Suad Joseph, Professor of Anthropology & Women's Studies and Graduate Group Faculty for the Graduate Group in the Study of Religion, on your 2014 UC Davis Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarly Achievement. For the full story, click here.

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Prof. Emily Albu wins teaching award!

Emily Albu, Professor of Classics & faculty of the Study of Religion graduate group, has won a 2014 Distinguished Teaching Award for Undergraduate Teaching! This award is one of the most prestigious granted on the UC Davis campus and recognizes outstanding teaching and commitment to student success. She will be formally honored at a reception and award ceremony in May. Congratulations, Prof. Albu, for this distinction.

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A Hundred Measures of Time: Nammalvar's Tiruviruttam

Professor Archana Venkatesan's new book has just been published. A Hundred Measures of Time: Nammalvar's Tiruviruttam is a complete translation of Nammalvar's iconic Tiruviruttam, a late 8th/early 9th century Tamil poem. It's accompanied by a comprehensive essay on the poem and also included substantial material on Srivaisnava commentarial practices.
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Professor Meaghan O'Keefe Cited in Article in "The Economist" Magazine

In an article in "The Economist" about the Vatican's new policies on price controls for the costly process of canonisation, Religious Studies Professor Meaghan O'Keefe is cited regarding the motive for a particular canonisation. The article is titled "The Lord's outsourced work," and can be found at the following address at The Economist's website:

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